The holistic and individual metabolism program

Despite countless diets succeed many people fail to achieve their desired weight. Blame is usually the metabolism that is not functioning optimally. Besides the eating habits also control internal and external factors for body weight. A slight under-active thyroid, but also vitamin and hormone deficiencies, food allergies or stress can bring the metabolic processes of balance.


Therefore, there is not the diet for everyone - because everyone is different metabolism. With HOLOSLIM ® we want to help you achieve your wellness weight and permanent.

How does HOLOSLIM ®?

Step 1

Use the Holopathy, a special form of Bioresonance are tested certain parameters. These include hormones, vitamins, food intolerances, thyroid function, intestinal or exposure to environmental toxins.

Step 2

Based on these data an individual metabolic program is developed, consisting of Holopathy and dietary advice. The tailor-made bio-resonance program compensates for deficiencies in the body and "activate metabolism" transmits the information in all body cells.

Step 3

Accompanying the bio-resonance therapy a homeopathic remedy is recommended that the hunger and slows the metabolism additionally boosts. According incompatible Testing of foods should be avoided during weight loss as much as possible.

HOLOSLIM ® was developed by Johannes Schreyer based on the latest scientific findings.

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