Why is Health Check?   

The German physician CW Hufeland emphasizes in his approach of preventive medicine, the importance of early detection of disease. In his view, the focus should be primarily aimed at the prevention of ailments.

What does the Health Check?

With this holistic check relevant parameters of the human body are tested and so elicited an overview of the health status and possible weak points and stresses.

Following includes the Health Check:

Organ stress or degeneration 
Body and brain blood flow 
Cardiovascular System 
Immune system 
Inflammation and infection in the body 
Spine / musculoskeletal 
Body Mass Index (BMI) 
Hormonal disorders 
BurnOut danger 
Burdens of the nervous system 
Minerals / vitamins / amino acids 
Food intolerances 
Dental foci 
Exposure to environmental toxins, electromagnetic smog, particulate matter


The health check is suitable for people of all ages. 
Grab the opportunity of screening for:

"Prevention is better than cure."