The Treatment

The therapy helps the body to better deal with the discovered toxins and allergens and to eliminate these. In addition the higher causal factors of organic disturbance - chronic stress and disturbed reactions of the central nervous system - will be neutralized due to the therapy. Both are important factors for the activation of the immune system and self healing, enabling the healing of even very old organ diseases.

A therapy session lasts from about 40 minutes to one hour. How often the treatment has to be repeated depends on the nature of the illness. Normally three to ten sessions are required.

In addition to the therapy, the practitioner many times prescribes trace elements, homeopathic remedies, herb teas or other supplements. These will be individually tested for effectiveness and form an optimum extension of the therapy.

The therapy between the two magnetic heads of the QuintStation is pleasant and relaxing. It optimizes the energy system of the body and boosts the immune system and the capacity for self healing. The patients feel more vital, more active and have more energy - often even after the first therapy session. The ability to tolerate stress or external demands of daily life improves. Pain and symptoms often reduce even after the first session.

Despite it's effectiveness holopathy is a very gentle treatment. The applied magnetic fields are relatively weak in comparison to our usual exposure of manmade electromagnetic fields. Side effects and risks are not known. Therefore the holopathy is also ideally suited for children.

Homöopathische Frequenzen mittels Magnetfeld auf den Körper übertragen

Bioresonanz für Kinder geeignet

Trotz ihrer Wirkung ist die HOLOSAN® Bioresonanztherapie ein sehr schonendes Verfahren, denn die eingesetzten Schwingungsfelder sind im Vergleich zu den uns umgebenden technisch erzeugten Feldern nur sehr schwach. Nebenwirkungen und Risiken sind nicht bekannt. Deshalb ist die  HOLOSAN© Bioresonanztherapie auch für die Behandlung von Kindern ideal geeignet.


Eine Therapiesitzung dauert zwischen 40 Minuten bis zu einer Stunde. Wie oft die Behandlungen wiederholt werden müssen, hängt von der Art der Krankheit ab. Normalerweise sind 3-6 Sitzungen notwendig.