The Therapy

The therapy-session consists of two steps:

  • For diagnosis the therapist utilizing the computer system determines stresses and blockages of your energy system.
  • For therapy you receive the exact amount of frequency information for your healing.

All biological processes within a body are governed by the higher energy of the meridians and the central nervous system. Because of our modern way of living these processes can be severely disturbed - because of both internal and external stress, excessive demands, unnatural food products, electro smog, environmental toxins, and geopathic stress. The body reacts with chronic permanent stress. This stress can result in a malfunction of the immune system. The results: afull spectrum of different symptoms, exhaustion, allergies, chronic diseases.

In such a situation it is useless to treat individual symptoms. Permanent healing is only possible with a complete detoxification of the body, with stress reduction and a reactivation of the regulatory systems, which means the meridians and the central nervous system. At this point holopathy is effective.

Healing through information

The acupuncture meridians and all systems of the body which receive information and energy from these meridians, the nerves, the organs and the body tissues, can be positively influenced with the proper information signal. Such signals for example are frequency signals from substances, trace minerals, herbs or homeopathic remedies.

For many centuries proven natural healing methods, like acupuncture, homeopathy and healing with plants, have used this principle with great success. Holopathy builds upon this foundation, but in a totally new synthesis utilizing modern computer technology and electronics. This makes it possible always to find the right frequencies, which are specifically tailored towards the patient and which are most effective for the treatment. The therapy system transmits this information from the computer to the body in exactly determined amounts and activates self healing and the elimination of toxins.