The Causes


  • Toxines + Allergens:
    Are there stresses due to heavy metals (i.e. lead, cadmium)? Stresses due to environmental toxins or pollutants (formaldehyde, solvents, pesticides, etc.)? Are there food allergies (milk, pork, wheat, yeast, additives)? Other allergies: pollen, pets, dust, fungus, etc.? Electrosmog or geopathic stress?
  • Dental foci and dental materials:
    Are there foci in the jawbone? Are there intolerances of fillings (amalgam) or crowns?
  • Organs:
    Are there chronic infections, degeneration or metabolic disturbances? Autoimmune deficiencies? Risks of tumors?
  • Tissues, skeleton, muscles, blood:
    Are environmental toxins or metabolic toxins stored? What is the individual reaction to these? Are there acute or chronic infections? Stresses?
  • Central nervous system:
    Which stress reactions are present due to emotional issues or external excessive demands? Which detox reactions are blocked as a result of these? What effect does it have on the body?

All determined causes will be used during the therapy and will be considered individually.