Achievments of the Therapy

The Holopathy is able to diagnose and administer therapies besides the standards of EAV and Bioresonance (allergies, food, pollen, environmental pollutants,…) also chronical poisonings and stains, various forms of electrosmog, new viruses etc..

The Holopathy is able to breach the specific energy- and metabolism blockades of the whole body, namely of the brain-vegetativum -organs. So it breaks systematically and reproducible the vicious circle of permanent endogen stress reactions and chronic organ illness and it utilizes the terribly force of ZNS controlled for the self healing.

The Holopathy follows fixed rules. Different from intuitive therapies it is based on measurements and therefore it is usable in the routinely in the therapy. Different therapeutics will come to the same diagnosis and therapy with the same patient - the results are objective and reproducible.

Information to holopathy

The vector model

The holopathy rests on a new energetic model of the human, the so-called vector model. That assumes of a lasting for centuries Chinese system of the five elements, which empathises the energetic relations between the organs. The holpathy uses this law also for other body systems- namely connective tissue, skeleton, musculature, vegetativum and brain. So originates an extensive energetic model, that permits the precise diagnose- but also the causal therapy- of blockades because of measures.


The diagnose- and therapy instrument of the holopathy was developed by the Fa. QuintSysteme in Austria. It uses a vibration field to radiate homeopathic information deep in the tissue.


A computer program helps with the diagnose and therapy it facilitates the system operation decisively. Additional the frequencies of circa 5000 substances are saved, which can be reproduced in various homeopathic potencies and tested with the QuintStation. The substance samples include all clinic relevant domains, namely classical homeopathica, organnosodes, food, bacterium, virus, environmental harmful substances of various electro smog-types and a lot more. For the home therapy the computer draws up a suitable receipt with trace elements, amino acids, medical plants or vitamins for the substitution therapy (from the pharmacy, partly supply by QuintSysteme).