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Successfully for 20 years

The Institute of Bioenergetics was founded by Doz Ing Johannes Schreyer, after using the bioresonance successfully to overcome a serious illness: "The cure rates of applied bio-resonance therapy convinced me. I got out of my job and founded 1997 the Bioresonance Institute in Grein. Since that time I work with Holopathy, an advanced form of bio-resonance, with great success. "

Schreyer and his team are now the largest bioresonance institute in Austria with two locations in Vienna and Amstetten.

Why bioresonance?

Detecting electromagnetic oscillations

The basis for today's bioresonance therapy, the German physician, Dr. Franz Morell had already laid over 30 years ago. Together with the electronics engineer Erich Rasche 1977, he developed the first device to therapy with autologous frequency patterns. The pioneering work of bioresonance fathers is not based on esoteric speculation, but the findings of quantum physics or quantum medicine. It is based on the recognition that biological information between cells are transferred by means of electromagnetic vibration. The nuclear spin tomography in medicine uses the resonance vibration of organs for the diagnosis, since each tissue has a different response to the magnetic field.

Energy medicine is the future

The Swiss Medical Association has been offering a two-year training for bioresonance therapy or biophysical information. Because both the scientific as well as on the level of clinical efficacy is sufficiently proved.

Schreyer said: "Many patients are pleased with the special theory and practice of bio-resonance therapy and its healing success. We see this every day in our work. Therefore, we agree with the German physician Dr. Gerhard Rummel, who titled his new book Bioresonance - the future of medicine and opportunity. "