In Austria, the fee note for bioresonance in the employee assessment (annual compensation) are claimed.

The Austrian general insurance pay no fee notes, with additional health insurance companies such as Generali offers a full priced offer for alternative medicine and including Bioresonanztherapien to 80% of some 480, - refund.

Contact Generali: Hr. Helmut free percussive

Phone +43 6767921000

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Switzerland and Germany

Unlike in Switzerland, where Bioresonanztherapy counts for general medical and is 100% paid for by the health insurance (refunded a Swiss citizen gets even 80% of his health insurance when he completed a bioresonance in Austria).

Germany recongnizes the bioresonance method as an alternative method as well and listed in the reimbursement list of Hufeland society, this has also recognized the bioresonance method clearly.