Bioresonance is based in which principales?

It is based on the recognition that biological information between cells are transferred by means of electromagnetic vibration. Bioresonance changes information in the body. For example, in case of allergy, while somatic cells are confronted with an allergy to this information, eg pollen no longer incorrectly classified as dangerous and histamine release, allergic reaction.

Who invented the bioresonance?

The bioresonance was developed by Dr. Franz Morell and electronics engineer Erich Rasche back in 1977, based on the achievements of quantum physics and quantum medicine.

How long does a therapy session?

The first treatment lasts 90 minutes, each subsequent therapy comes to 60 minutes.

How many sessions are necessary?

That depends on the type of problem, typically 5 to 10 treatments are recommended, with a significant improvement of the symptoms often occurs after the first treatment.

Is the treatment appropriate for children?

Yes, the application is free of pain and possible even for babies.

You have to take something of debugging?


Allergies can be treated with bioresonance?

Yes. Other areas of application can be found on this website.

One must keep in HOLOSLIM ® weight loss diet?

No, but you should avoid incompatible foods.

The bioresonance covered by health insurance?

No. Various supplementary assume for the most part the costs. See "Fee Refund".

Is there a branch of bioresonance in Vienna?

Yes Pantzergasse 12/2 in 1190 Vienna.

Where can you find detailed information about bioresonance?

On this website or www.bioresonanzinfo.d